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Institute of Molecular Biology. Quantitative Proteomics, Group Leader.

During my PhD in the group of Matthias Mann at the MPI of Biochemistry, I started to apply quantitative mass spectrometry to study proteins binding to nucleic acids.

We combined DNA pull-downs with SILAC-based proteomics to identify methyl-CpG binding proteins and differential protein binding at single nucleotide polymorphisms. During my PostDoc we used the technique to identify HOT1, a direct telomere binding proteins associated with telomerase-regulated telomere homeostasis.

Since 2013, I am heading the group of Quantitative Proteomics at the Institute of Molecular Biology in Mainz where we apply mostly label-free quantitation to study for example proteins binding to DNA modifications or histone marks and continue to elucidate telomeric proteins in diverse model organisms.

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